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Since 1985 Freshly Squeezed Water has been committed to providing the most technologically advanced water filter systems. By being dedicated to high product quality and excellent service, Freshly Squeezed Water Company has established itself as a leader in the field of water purifiers and water filtration systems.

Our range of water filters and purifiers includes filters and purifiers for boats, caravans, dams, rain water tanks and both domestic and commercial applications. Proudly manufactured in Australia, we don’t sell imports! Our flagship residential water filter range incorporates our exclusive ‘snap-seal’ technology that enables easy access and replacement of cartridges.

Commercial technologies allow us to ensure perfect water in half the space used in current domestic canister type setups lasting 2-3 times longer before change. This does away with old-style canister and internal water filters, the main types used in residences today. This provides you with the easiest to change water purifier on the market today. We also provide a full range of luxury hotel style water saving showerware, saving your energy-water-money. Freshly Squeezed Water is family owned and operated, servicing Queenslands need in filtration for over 30 years. We are dedicated to filtration solutions to protect YOUR family. Why not become part of ours today?

With Freshly Squeezed Water Qld you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and all of our Water Filters meet are Watermarked and therefore meet the Australian Standards.


See our new Fluoride Removal Cartridge for undersink snapseal units and older Cartridge based systems.

See the Hi Flow RV 2 Pack (for town, tank, dam and bore water when travelling), 3M Whole of House Systems, Trekkar (for Weekender filter use), Induction Cookers and Eco Pots. We will also be introducing the Mini Meal Maker.

Ask Tina, George and the Team about these fantastic new products and the show specials that are available.


14th – 16th February 2020 – Moreton Bay Caravan, Camping, Boating & 4WD Expo

28th February – 1st March 2020 – Brisbane Home Show

So stop by and say hello to George, Tina and the team.

Introducing Turmeric Active


At last, a breakthrough in Tumeric technology. Enjoy the best anti inflammatory results from the 100% natural Turmeric Active. Enjoy the maximum curcumin intake (18,000mg per serve), and a formulation that delivers a smooth, clean taste. Tumeric Active … now available at Freshly Squeezed Water Qld.




“Proudly Servicing Queensland for 30 Years”