Hose Fittings

We carry various hose to system fittings.

The following are just some examples.

Hundreds of others in stock.

Most common include:

  • 1/4 push to 1/4 BSPM
  • 3/8 push to 1/4 BSPM
  • 12 ml push to 1/2 BSPF
  • 12 ml push to 3/8 BSPF
  • 1/4 push to 5/16 BSPF
  • 1/4 push to 1/2 BSPF

All pushfits come with built in easy release collets, so that they can be resued over and over again.

No tools, no mess, no fuss fittings.

Please contact us for trade prices and bulk discounts.