Diverter Valves

Our Diverter Valves will fit all standard flickmixer or aerated kitchen taps.

We have turned the screwed thread so that it will fit both a BSP and NPT thread. This means it will fit your tap without any guesswork.

The diverter has:

  • Replaceable inner diverter spring
  • Replaceable inner “o” rings

The diverter comes with an all thread adaptor ATA, which converts a standard female kitchen tap thread into a male threaded tap, allowing for easy installation.

A word of caution

  • Most diverter Valves are chrome plated plastic or
  • The Diverter Valves are non repairable internally

So, to avoid disappointment always insist on a repairable and stainless steel diverter valve.

Our New Lever Diverter does away with a spring loaded device like that which is on our button diverter.

In situations where there is no thread either internal or external on the tap, consider the use of our ETA, external push on thread adaptor.

Please contact us for trade prices and bulk discounts.