8 Inch Rainshower

It may be oversized but it will only use 9 litres per minute, not 24 like non eco’showers!

For over 20 years Freshly Squeezed has bought you water saving showers that actually work!

Too often you have to dance around to get wet under most shower heads commonly found on hardware shelves giving you a pin like spray.

Our oversized 8 inch models not only deliver a fully bubbly rainshower spray but also give you extended coverage with their oversized shape.

Found in hotels, you can enjoy the luxury of one at your very own house at a realistic price!


Replace it – Out with the Old, In with the New

Changing to a “WELS” rated showerhead is an effective way of reducing your household water use. Non eco-shower showerheads use up to 26 litres of water per minute. Latest release high efficience eco-showers use 9 litres per minute. Saving 60% of water for each shower taken.

For the average family this Equates to around 1200 litres per week.

Annual Average Water Saving using Eco’showers

Calculations are based on one 7 minute Shower per person per day. Non-water efficient showerheads are based on an average 21.5 L.P.M. versus a 9 L.P.M. water efficient shower

8_inch_shower - fig 1 1 Person 3400 buckets of water (30,660 litres)

8_inch_shower - couple fig Couple 6800 buckets of water (61,320 litres)

8_inch_shower - fig 3 Family of 4 = 13,600 buckets of water (122,640 litres)

By saving on water consumption you will not only be doing your bit to save our water and the environment, but you will notice nice savings on Water Bills and Electricity heating costs.

(Let’s face it, it’s not getting any cheaper)