Hydro Flask

Better Water … Better Health

with alkaline water

Hydro Flask represents a breakthrough in alkaliser technology. Raising ph levels to 9.

Hydro Flask delivers enriched alkalised water in minutes. For those wanting to combat free radicals within the body, it also lowers ORP levels significantly.

Hydro Flask not only alkalises and dechlorinates, but also super oxygenates water for quicker, more effective hydration.

Hydro Flask’s unique design includes a 750ml capacity and is made of Triton, which is guaranteed to be 100% leach free.

Adding a dash of citrus, or berries to the Hydro Flask’s clever “flavour” sleeve instantly adds freshness and flavour to water.

Refill Pod

The Refill Pods resemble tea bags. They are developed using a unique blend of media to de-chlorinate, increase pH and lower ORP levels in tap water.

How Does It Work?
  • Fill flask with tap water
  • Add pod (in cap)
  • Shake well (1 min)
  • Let Stand (3 min)
  • Enjoy clean, alkaline water
NSF Certified Alkaliser Pod