Snapseal Alkaliser

Designed in Australia by Freshly Squeezed Water, founded in 1985 and a pioneer in the industry who service over 100,000 Australian families with their water quality needs every year.

The Alkalizer Water Purification System is a great way for you and your family to enjoy purified alkalized water at home every day on tap.

The premium taste of purified alkalized water is often described as sweet, smooth and clean.The way water should be.

Now you can hydrate your body and mind at a fraction of the cost of bottled drinks while enjoying the benefits of improved well being by eliminating acid from your water.

The Alkaliser Water Purification System is a superior and cost effective unit with 4-way filtration technology designed totarget chemicals, heavy metals, allergens, pesticides, turbidity,bacteria now with the option of a fluoride removal cartridge and raise PH Level of water.

The filtration media represents the latest technology in water purification with minimal servicing or space required.

Premium Alkaliser removes (not reduces)

  •   99% giardia, cryptosporidium
  •   99% chlorine, ammonia, taste & odours
  •   94% heavy metals
  •   97% pesticides, herbicides
  •   98% allergens, pollens
  •   99% dirt, rust, sediment
  •   Increase pH 7.8 -> 8.9

Other features of the system include:

  •   Compact under-sink filtration unit with a designer faucet.
  •   Twist-off quick change purification & alkaliser cartridges.
  •   A full time rating of under1 micron absolute
  •   flow rate of 3 liters per minute
  •   Specifically engineered for Australia’s unique water conditions.
  •   An easy-install guide. Including quick fit fittings.

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