Hi Flo Caravan

3/4″ Inlet and Outlet : No Reduction in Pressure


The ultimate performer

This model not only removes taste and odour, but also totally eliminates live Giardia and Cryptosporidium,

No more travellers belly!

Whilst most filters merely reduce Giardia and Cryptosporidium from dubious water supplies, our certified filter is tested and guaranteed to remove all of these travel bugs.


Made for harsh Australian water conditions, High Flow is a unique dual stage external caravan filter.

Unlike other units using domestic carbon filters which reduce inlet pressure from 30-50% our High Flow delivers 30 litres per min shaking hands with mains water pressure to ensure no loss of pressure throughout your van.

Dual blend stage 2 cartridge incorporating: granulated activated carbon for town and tank water areas as well as zeolite for when you’re in bore water areas where carbons incapable of dealing with egg gas smells, calcium and heavy mineral content.

Perfect for  full size vans or motorhomes, on road tourist park use or off road free camping.

High Flow is uv treated for external use with a lifetime guarantee against sun damage, fraying or cracking and are anti-freeze for use in winter.

Extends 12 volt pump, hot water service, anode and water using appliance life softening the water in the process bringing back lather in the shower and cutting up to 65% of calcium out of your water reducing scale build up inside holding tanks.

Bacteria safe, bore water effective filtration anywhere you travel

  •   99% giardia, cryptosporidium
  •   99% chlorine
  •   99% taste, colour, odour
  •   94% iron, sulphur, manganese
  •   97% chemicals
  •   97% pesticides, herbicides, insecticides
  •   98% pollens, allergens
  •   99% dirt, rust, sediment
  •   99% blue green algae
  •   65% calcium
  •   97% sulphur


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