Fluoride Triple System

New Alkalizer Filter – with Fluoride Removal

The new Fluoride Triple System is the ultimate in under sink systems. It cleanses, hydrates and improves your general well-being.

The first cartridge (Alkaliser) removes Dirt, Rust and Sediment, Increases 8.5 pH and lowers ORP, energizing the water.

The second cartridge (Multi Blend) Eliminates 99.9% Chlorine, 99% Taste, 99% Colour, 99$ Odour, 99% Smell, 84% Chemicals and rates at 2.0 Micron.

The third Cartridge (Fluoro Guard) Eliminates 99.9% Cryptosporidium, 99.9% Giardia, 94.5% Fluoride, 94% Lead, 99.9% Chlorine, 99% Taste, Colour and Odour, 95% Chemicals. 99% Allergens and Pollens, 95% Pesticides and Herbicides and 99% Insecticides. Micron Rating 0.25.