The Voyager

Weekender or Smaller Trips

Free camping mainly and want filtered water from your RV’s tanks?

Then the Voyager is the water solution for you.

Compact and easily stored, the Voyager utilises a patented media with the ability to cope with sulphur, iron and manganese removal from bore or artesian water.

It simply plugs on to the fitting of any drinking water or garden hose and filters water into the filter of van tanks or water containers.


  • 99% chlorine, taste, odour
  • 94% iron, sulphur, manganese
  • 97% dirt, rust, sediment
  • 96% chemicals
  • 94% pollens, allergens
  • 96% pesticides, herbicides, insecticides

It’s great for:

  • Chlorine and taste
  • Chemicals
  • Strong smells and odours
  • Dirt and sediment
  • Pesticides, insecticides
  • Bore water contaminants removal.

On returning home, simply unplug it from inline and store in a plastic bag in the fridge till next required.

This prolongs the life of the filter and adds to its bacteriostatic nature.

This product is RV specific and should not be confused with simple inline carbon filters that have been adapted to fit van drinking hose lines. These style of filters are not at all bore water friendly or in any way bacteriostatic and should be avoided in foreign and unknown water supplies.

The Voyager is 12 volt pump, hand pump and mains pressure friendly.

From a fitting viewpoint, it comes standard in 1/2 inch BSP thread, so ordering for either 12 ml pushfit or standard RV drinking water hose is easily done and we can deliver in any of these configurations. This saves you lots of hassles.

At last, a great cuppa tea or coffee whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

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