Exchange Module


Ideal for replacement of older canister type units standard fit tube. Smaller neater and easy to change filter.

The Perfect Choice Undersink

Exchange Module

Town, Tank, Bore Supply Certified and Tested 4348

High Density – Long Life Cartridge
New: Caqrtridge-Filter-Seal Kit all in 1

How to exchange your modules

exchange_modules - snapseal

  1. Turn off water system via systems on/off valve
    (follow backwards from filter inlet to pipework undersink)
  2. Drain water pressure by depressing on filter tap
  3. Cut inlet tubing 1cm down line and connect to Sed (inlet)
  4. Cut outlet tubing 1cm down line and connect to Cyst on filter faucet side (out)
  5. New modules must be run for 5 minutes
  6. Ensure no leaks in this initial running in period
  7. Enjoy

NB: An additional screw mount may be required due to different smaller mounting positions.
All Full Flow, Premium & Ultra units may be mounted –
Sideways, Upside-down, Laying down on its back and does not have to uprightly mounted like prior units.