Ecoheat Induction Cooker

Ecoheat Induction Cooker

The Ecoheat Induction Cooker can be used with a 1KVA inverter or plugs into 240 volt. It is 1.5kg light, cooks 3 times quicker than electricity and 2 times quicker than gas. When free camping with access to a 1KVA generator it can be used, which can be very convenient.

Ideal for use at home as a 2nd cooker or for use on the verandah or granny flat.
On the road EcoHeat portable induction is the only one of its type to offer you 3 ways to power up.

With Domestic and Boost modes for home use and Generator and Solar Inverter setting for use when free camping in your camper trailer, caravan or motorhome.
EcoHeat is also total fire ban friendly come summer time when free camping in areas such as National Parks Australia wide as well as other locations.

We recommend a 1kva generator or bigger or a min of a 1200w psi

Induction is fast and energy efficient – it generates a magnetic field that heats the pan, but not the cooktop’s surface, making it safer to use, quicker to heat and easier to control, as it responds to a change in heat in seconds.