Camping and RV’s

Freshly Squeezed Water Co. have you covered for all of your Caravan, RV and Camping water purification needs and so much more …


Water Filters

With a range of Water Filters specifically designed for Caravan, RV and Camping including:

Hi-Flo Traveller: Filters all of the RV’s Water. Simply hooks onto the drawbar or slides underneath out of sight.

In a park, it simply snap fits into the main water line. Mains water is now both safe and tastes good too!

Weekender: Travelling, but not as often as you’d like, then the Weekender may suit.

If short, infrequent trips are the norm, our Weekender will deliver quality water at a budget price.

As a special offer to our customers purchasing a full system, we will give you one of our re-usable BBQ Liners.

RV 401/L: For use with 3M RV 401 Systems.

Damp Guard: Excess moisture in internal storage spaces is a common problem, and leads to damaging mould and mildew issues. Which in turn can cause staining and discoloration – in many household products; particularly clothes and linen. A damp internal space can also cause unpleasant and unhealthy odours.